The Vision Statement

Together, the kupuna of Kalaupapa, their family members, friends and supporters will:

  • Honor with pride the people who were exiled to Kalaupapa;

  • Always remember how the world has been enriched through the legacy of the lives of the people of Kalaupapa, their experiences and their contributions to society;

  • Work in partnership to ensure that the Kalaupapa patients can remain in their homes and live out their lives with a level of staff support and quality of services to maintain their comfort, health and dignity;

  • Serve as a resource to the state Department of Health, The National Park Service and other agencies on issues affecting the community now and in the future to preserve, protect and perpetuate the history, the way of life, the values, the cultural heritage and the environment;

  • Assist those individuals who want to find out more information about their family members who were banished to Kalaupapa;

  • Educate staff, visitors and the public at large through programs, brochures and outreach sessions;

  • Combat prejudice, discrimination, segregation, rejection, the use of derogatory terminology and the stigma associated with leprosy through support, respect, dignity and public awareness programs;

  • Remind the public that human rights are a basic part of life, guaranteed to every person.

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