Did You Have an Ancestor

at Kalaupapa?

Jimmy Lovaas presents a kikani lei and rests his hand on the tombstone of his great-grandmother, Myrtle Spahn Hatori at Kalaupapa.

Photo: Valerie Monson  

If you think you had family at Kalaupapa, the ‘Ohana wants to hear from you so we can help. Hopefully, we can provide information that should get you on the path to finding any ancestors you might have had at Kalaupapa. The ‘Ohana believes that the descendants of Kalaupapa are one of our organization’s greatest strengths.

Our digital files contain information on more than 90 percent of the people who were sent to Kalaupapa. We are working to get access to the names of the rest of the Kalaupapa residents.

Please contact us at and let us help you bring home your Kalaupapa ancestors.


They are not lost. . . they are waiting for you.