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Kalaupapa National Historical Park

General Management Plan

In 2009, Kalaupapa National Historical Park began the process to complete a General Management Plan for future operations. Although KNHP was established in 1980, it has yet to adopt such a plan.


Ka ‘Ohana O Kalaupapa has been one of the most active participants in this process that has now stretched over 11 years. Ka ‘Ohana has attended every round of the public hearings to ask questions and engage in discussions. Detailed written comments have been provided by Ka ‘Ohana to the National Park Service after each draft of a plan.


Following the first round of discussions in 2009, Ka ‘Ohana developed a 28-page Position Paper on the future of Kalaupapa that was created from meetings with Kalaupapa residents and family members, working group sessions with ‘Ohana leaders and research of previous meetings where the future of Kalaupapa was discussed and related documents that go back many years.


The final Position Paper was read aloud at a meeting at Kalaupapa with the opportunity for anyone to suggest changes. After being submitted to the NPS, the Position Paper was supported by then-Congresswoman, now Senator Mazie Hirono, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs Board of Trustees, the late State House Representative Mele Carroll, the late Maui County Councilman Danny Mateo and The Maui Historical Society.


There have been additional rounds of public hearings on the GMP – and three written drafts of a plan prepared by the NPS. Ka ‘Ohana O Kalaupapa submitted comment letters on each draft.


The Position Paper and the three subsequent comment letters – issued in 2011, 2015 and 2019 – can be read by clicking on a link below.

Position Paper
GMP Comment Letter 2011
GMP Comment Letter 2015
GMP Comment Letter 2019
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