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Please Support Ka‘Ohana O‘Kalaupapa Today With Your Tax-deductible Donation
The ‘Ohana needs your support. 

The ‘Ohana is in the midst of a campaign to bring together those family members, friends and others who want to support the Kalaupapa community. One of our biggest projects is to establish The Kalaupapa Memorial.


Please join us today and become part of the ‘Ohana.

You can help by donating via Paypal, or mail your tax-deductible contributions to:

Ka ‘Ohana O Kalaupapa
PO Box 1111
Kalaupapa HI 96742

Mahalo in advance.

Please select from the following levels listed below and contribute with PayPal's secured server.

Kalaupapa Visionary Supporter ($1,000 and above)
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Kalaupapa Preservationist Supporter ($500 to $999)
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Kalaupapa Benefactor Supporter ($100 to $499)
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Kalaupapa Patron Supporter ($50 to $99)
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Kalaupapa Friend Supporter($35)
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Other ($______)
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