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Webinar series about Kalaupapa and her people

In late 2022, Ka ‘Ohana O Kalaupapa began a new way of reaching out to those interested in learning about the people and history of Kalaupapa: webinars. Ka ‘Ohana has been giving in-person presentations for many years, often in conjunction with our exhibits, but those audiences are always limited to people living in that area. 


We hope these hour-long webinars are a way to increase our outreach — and complement our in-person events. 


In January, 2022, the first webinar presented by Ka ‘Ohana O Kalaupapa was hosted by the Damien-Marianne Catholic Conference in honor of Kalaupapa Month. In June, Ka ‘Ohana was asked to present webinars for the annual ‘aha of the Hawai‘i Conference of the United Church of Christ. We have also given webinars for Mid-Pacific Institute and a group of Sierra Club volunteers who were regular visitors to Kalaupapa before the pandemic restrictions.

With the success of those webinars, Ka ‘Ohana launched its own series in September with “Kalaupapa: A Living History,” a look at the overall history of Kalaupapa, focusing on lesser-known events that had significant impacts on life for the community.

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We followed that in November with “Tandy MacKenzie: The Kalaupapa Concerts” where we shined a light on the often-forgotten opera star Tandy MacKenzie, born in Hana and a graduate of Kamehameha Schools whose life was changed in 1922 during the three concerts he performed at Kalaupapa. We included stories about the people of Kalaupapa and their love of music along with how we are keeping alive the legacy of Tandy.

Our series will continue in January, 2023, for Kalaupapa Month. The exact date, time and subject will be announced in the next few weeks — along with a way to register.


We will be scheduling other webinars throughout the year. In addition, we are available to present our webinars to organizations who can bring together at least 15 people for the Zoom event. Please contact to let us know about your interest. Each webinar is about an hour long — followed by a question-and-answer period.


These are the webinars available via Zoom for private showings of 15 or more people:


  • “Kalaupapa: A Living History,” about lesser-known events in the history of Kalaupapa;

  • “The Restoration of Family Ties,” focusing on moving stories of how Ka ‘Ohana O Kalaupapa has helped hundreds of descendants learn more about their Kalaupapa ancestors;

  • ”Tandy MacKenzie: The Kalaupapa concerts,” how the life of Hana-born opera star Tandy MacKenzie was changed by three concerts he gave at Kalaupapa in 1922;

  • “In Their Hearts Was Aroused a Hope: Justice & Healing at Kalaupapa,” about the Protestant community at Kalawao and Kalaupapa.

  • “Saints Damien & Marianne and the People of Kalaupapa,” shows how Father Damien and Mother Marianne were lifted to Sainthood by the people of Kalaupapa whose descendants now carry on those stories;

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